Using Social Media Interactions to Build Your Brand’s Community

Novice social media marketers will often mistakenly look at social media’s storytelling potential as a one-way conversation. This is often reflected by a continuous flow of content but an utter lack of interaction with the audience. Marketers must not ignore the potential power of social media by forgoing interactions and must remember that platforms like Twitter and Instagram were built with two-way communication in mind. Engaging with your audience on social media has the power to jump-start your ability to build loyalty and community amongst your audience.

Creating Connections

Social media marketers will always tout their engagement metrics, but oftentimes these metrics are hollow if there is no follow up. Brands must reward consumers who engage with them by interacting with them in response. By interacting with consumers, the brand can make them feel special and unique while building a more personal rapport with that consumer. Doing this can help foster a sense of ownership for the consumer over their favorite brands and lead to a valuable sense of co-creation, where consumers are more likely to consistently spread the brand’s message to their peers.

Customer Service Benefits

Contrary to the more intangible benefits of creating connections, social media interactions can also provide valuable customer service results. Social media allows brands to respond to crises virtually instantaneously, stemming the tides of public opinion. Beyond crisis management, social media also allows brands to personalize their responses to individual consumers. Mass communications require carefully crafted and generalized messages that are meant to deliver a particular message to a wide-ranging audience. Social media enables brands to provide more specific and tailored pieces of information in response to any given consumer’s complaint or question. In these circumstances, the target audience comes to you; you will never be able to more effectively segment your message and communication. Likewise, this is also an opportunity to provide personalized service which creates lasting impressions in the minds of consumers.

What Social Media Was Meant For

Ultimately, the key to unlocking the full potential of social media for any sized brand lies in simply not forgetting what social media platforms were designed for: social interactions. Consumers will expect two-way communications and a simple reward for their engagement can go a long way towards building brand loyalty.

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