And How You Can Make the King Work for You on Social Media

Content is King is digital marketing’s biggest cliché. Superficial digital marketers will preach the importance of pumping out content to fill your brand’s social media channels. Find whatever you can find to fill the social media ether, it just needs to drive engagement. But if you’re going to drive meaningful engagement, you’re going to need high-quality differentiated content. In a previous post, we looked at how using a customer-focused approach to content marketing can help you generate content your audience actually wants to consume. Now we’ll take a look at how you can create quality content in spite of social media’s inherent restrictions.

Focusing on the Elements of Communication

Social media platforms all have their own sets of guidelines, such as Twitter’s 280 character limit or Instagram’s recommended image specs, 1350 x 1080 pixels. The first step to creating effective social media content is to utilize what the platforms will give you, meaning primarily a mixture of imagery and copy text.

Beyond these basic formats, consider also using more dynamic formats like audio and video. Regardless of your chosen format, though, you must focus on using an elemental approach to communication design. As discussed in a previous post, effective marketing communications come from paying attention to the individual elements that comprise your communication and how they impact each other.

When facing the limits of social media, you must be efficient to get the most out of each medium.

Dual-Focus Strategy

In order to use social media for storytelling, you must adopt a holistic approach to strategy development. This holistic approach can be looked at through two lenses: your larger brand story and the story of each individual post.

Begin your strategy development by identifying your brand’s story. Determine what your story is and for whom it is for by considering your brand image, products, and customers. Once this overall narrative is developed, you must then look at each individual post as a self-contained piece of your narrative puzzle. This allows you to create a coordinated narrative that is simultaneously built over time with each post but also understood with each post itself.

Getting the Most Out of Your Content

Ultimately, the content you publish is only as valuable as the engagement that it generates. You can squeeze the most out of your content on social media platforms by adopting an elemental approach to content creation and a dual-focus approach to strategic narrative development.

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