What Separates the Good from the Meh in the World of Sports

Above anything else, the name of the game in social media content creation is the fight against indifference. As content creators, the goal has always been to avoid an indifferent swipe past your content, a figurative or even literal “meh.” This goal manifests itself as commonly tracked metrics for interaction and engagement, which we discussed last week when we looked at the argument for purposeful engagement.

Sports teams depend on growing affinity and turning it into loyalty, and one of the tools they can use to achieve this goal is content that drives purposeful engagement. But, how can we go about developing content that creates meaningful interaction and engagement?

This week, we’ll take a look at two principles to keep in mind when developing content strategies.

What We’re Looking For: Value

Our first question when evaluating content or content strategies should always be, “does this bring value?” Consumers will only pay attention and meaningfully engage with content that delivers them some kind of value. In the transaction of attention for content, consumers must always feel that they’re coming out ahead.

We can create value by developing content that falls into at least one of these categories:

  • Exclusivity: Sports teams hold the keys to exclusive content that fans can’t get anywhere else. By tapping into behind-the-scenes moments, teams can deliver value by bringing fans closer to the action than anyone else can.
  • Learning: Fans are always trying to connect more with their favorite teams and heroes (more on this later). Teams can deliver value by teaching their fans something new, something that brings helps grow a fan’s attachment to their team.
  • Unique: Ultimately, all social media content needs to be unique, or else no one would ever have any reason to look at it. Sports are often covered from nearly every angle by television and media outlets, so teams can deliver fans valuable unique content by seeking out the few remaining uncovered coverage angles.

What We’re Looking For: Community

Once you’ve delivered value, the next thing your content needs to deliver to your fans is community. Fostering community is one of the fastest and most effective means for growing affinity in individual fans.

Effective content can help build community by:

  • Building mutual identification. Create content that taps directly into how your fans identify with each other and with you, their team.
  • Utilizing collective memory can tap into how fans identify by revisiting the best moments your fans all share together. By utilizing the principles of exclusivity and uniqueness, you can create content that allows your fans to relive their favorite memories as if for the first time.
  • Lastly, let fans in. In order to foster community, fans must believe that your team is their team. Let them see how the team functions day-to-day, how their heroes prepare to make them proud, and anything else that allows them to feel closer to their team.

Social Media Brings You Closer to Your Fans

Sports teams that use social media the best succeed because they bring themselves closer to their fans. By utilizing the principles of Value and Community, you can begin building the foundation of an effective social media content strategy that drives meaningful engagement and brings you closer to your fans.

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