Why Your Social Media Engagement Should Serve a Marketing Objective

Social media strategists and specialists pride themselves on their ability to drive interaction and engagement. They push out a constant stream of content in order to meet benchmarks on these metrics. But as a digital marketer, you have to wonder, are these metrics superficial? Are we chasing engagement for the sake of engagement?

The truth is that as digital marketers, we must look deeper and explore why we value engagement. When we craft digital strategies, we must always tie them back to a marketing objective to make sure they are serving a purpose.

Current State of Affairs

We can look at the present state of the digital landscape to see evidence of a substantial shift in content consumption patterns. As the world finds itself plunged into the depths of an unprecedented crisis, society has retreated into the confines of their homes as people around the globe seek refuge from the COVID-19 outbreak. These grave circumstances have delivered a captive audience to digital marketers of all kinds, literally.

We can see how consumers’ behavior has already changed in response to the widespread quarantines, according to comScore, the number of minutes spent by readers on news sites has increased by 46% on the same period last year. Furthermore, a Kantar study has shown that Facebook usage has grown by 37% in the weeks since the crisis began.

In response, brands have resorted to pumping out more content than ever before in order to catch consumers’ eyeballs and generate engagement with their brands. However, as brands scramble to create unique campaigns in an effort to stand out, we’re beginning to see a departure from content that serves a true purpose.

Engagement Should Serve a Purpose

Ultimately, digital marketers and content creators must focus on developing content that not only drives engagement but supports an objective. It isn’t enough to grab attention as measured by retweets, likes, or views. The engagement we generate must support a marketing objective like:

  • Driving awareness for a brand or brand extension
  • Driving conversions for a product or service
  • Driving traffic to a website or other monetized content

Ultimately, as we create and publish content that consumers interact with, we must always strive to elicit an action from consumers that directly benefits our brand.

Building Your Digital Strategy

Over the past several weeks, we’ve taken a look at why every brand needs an effective digital strategy and how you can begin using the data your tactics generate to optimize your strategies. Making sure your tactics, like content creation, tie back to your strategies and business objectives is just the next step in developing game-changing digital strategies.

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