Building Matecumbe Machinery a New Brand

Matecumbe Machinery was founded in 2016 by Nathan Gasser in Islamorada, Florida. A second-generation landscaper, Nathan started Matecumbe out of his home and began servicing the Upper and Middle Florida Keys, quickly developing a reputation for his professionalism and eye for machine work. This reputation, paired with his family legacy, allowed him to build a solid foundation of business among both residential and commercial clients.

The Challenge

Because of the relationship aspect of his business and his dedication to his work, Nathan was unable to build his company’s brand independently of his own personal brand. Therefore, the core challenge in this rebrand was to marry Nathan’s personal brand equity and reputation with his company. The challenge involved using this equity to build awareness of the Matecumbe Machinery brand, which could then be leveraged to increase both customer acquisition and customer retention.

The Opportunity

The unique and yet evolving culture of the Florida Keys presented an opportunity to leverage Nathan’s reputation in a way that his competitors had not yet done themselves. Because landscapers in the Keys have long relied on word-of-mouth, we were able to give Matecumbe Machinery a unique advantage by leveraging its existing community awareness with more sophisticated digital marketing strategies.

As the Keys communities continue to evolve, the needs for a robust digital presence will continue to grow as well, giving Matecumbe a first-mover advantage.

The Rebrand

In preparation for the launch of this new strategy, we began to work on rebranding Matecumbe Machinery to optimize it for the digital landscape. We reinforced Matecumbe’s position as the neighborhood landscaping solution for both big and small landscaping projects, emphasizing the company’s local experience and expertise in the Florida Keys.

Matecumbe Machinery Logo Evolution

We reworked the existing logo to bring it in line with this positioning, including refreshing the color palette to reflect the Keys’ island lifestyle culture and streamlining other marks to improve the brand’s flexibility and versatility. The new brand is now more adaptable than before, which is critical for future use including signage, equipment liveries, stationery, and more, including the planned digital strategy.

Matecumbe Machinery Brand Elements

This new brand positioning and marks work to emphasize the variety and flexibility of Matecumbe’s services as well as its Keys Native nature.

The Strategy

Matecumbe’s first marketing strategy will be supported by its first-ever dedicated marketing budget, to be allocated across four selected channels. Because Matecumbe is a small, locally-owned business, it is essential that any strategy combines both organic and paid tactics in order to maximize the budget’s impact.

Organic Strategy

The organic strategy represents the foundation of Matecumbe’s new digital presence, building a platform for future strategies. This begins with creating a social media presence on key platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and NextDoor. These platforms will then serve a dual-purpose: to engage directly with potential and existing customers as well as the outlets for a content marketing strategy.

Matecumbe Machinery Daily Inspo

We will create two ongoing content series on both Facebook and Instagram to begin highlighting Matecumbe’s work, including daily examples of landscaping projects (“daily inspo”) and a reoccurring hashtag highlighting Nathan (#gettingdirtywithNate), meant to further associate him with his company.

Matecumbe Machinery #GettingDirtyWithNate

Further tactics will include building and leveraging an email database as well as using direct social media engagement to garner referrals and testimonials. In addition, the company’s website will be reinforced with galleries of previous work and descriptions of services as part of a search engine optimization strategy.

Paid Strategy

Matecumbe’s paid strategy is designed to leverage the efforts of the organic strategy by amplifying the message to its target audience. This will include using Facebook and Instagram advertising to place Matecumbe’s work in front of current and potential customers as well as Google Search and Display campaigns meant to capture customers in the discovery and research phases.

Goals & Objectives

Ultimately, the aforementioned strategies are designed to drive awareness of the company’s brand and services and increase customer acquisition and retention. With a blend of organic and paid strategies, we will sow the seeds of a long-lasting digital presence which will give Matecumbe Machinery a critical advantage over competitors.

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