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An Honest Effort to Deliver Value to an Audience

You can’t be in digital marketing without hearing the term Content Marketing at least once a week. While it seems like every marketing guru has their X-step process for effective content marketing, the simple key is that the content we create must deliver value to our audiences in order to serve any business objective.

You Believe in Your Product

Before we dive into content marketing itself, let’s think about why we turn to marketing at all: our product. Regardless of whether we’re working with a service or an actual tangible product, we believe in what our business produces; it’s why we come into work every day.

Thinking about that product, we should remember that it was developed to deliver value to our consumers; after all, that’s why we call it a value proposition. Our product does something that makes people’s lives better and that idea must be at the core of our marketing efforts.

Therefore, it should be simple to see how this extends to any content marketing strategy. Of course, we need to develop and flesh out the strategy itself which should be anchored in some kind of tangible business objectives. But the underlying and guiding theme must be the value our content delivers to our audience.

Audience engagement is the product of a transaction not at all dissimilar to the transactions we’re trying to close with our content marketing. Consumers’ attention must be regarded as a finite currency that they will dutifully choose how to spend; if our content doesn’t provide any value, our audience won’t “purchase” any of it with their attention.

Delivering Value Unlocks Three Key Benefits of Content Marketing

Within her foreword of a Copyblogger e-book, Sonia Simone outlines three key benefits of content marketing:

  1. Consumers come to you. Content marketing creates a pulling effect, bringing potential customers to your brand without you having to hunt for them.
  2. Consumers engage with your brand. Because they came to you, and not the other way around, your consumers’ engagement with you and your content will be more worthwhile and valuable.
  3. Fosters loyalty within consumers. Now that you’ve brought consumers in and engaged with them when it comes time to pull the trigger, you’ll be at the top of their list.

These three benefits are a simplified view of the way content marketing drives business results, but none of them are possible without delivering value to the consumer.

Putting Content Marketing to Work

Value-added and value delivered are at the core of any good content marketing strategy. With this foundation, you can move on to developing agile and efficient strategies that begin with each piece of content created and end with engaged and satisfied audiences.

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