Even SMBs Can Use ERPs

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are typically associated with larger corporations with multiple verticals doing business around the world and are built by massive corporations in their own rights like Oracle, Microsoft, and SAP. However, even small businesses can find themselves managing large amounts of data. While the traditional ERPs can be extremely complex and require substantial investments, there are smaller, more agile cloud-based ERPs that provide solutions for small businesses.

This week, we’ll explore these agile solutions so you can determine if ERPs are right for your business.

What ERPs Can Do For You

At a basic level, ERPs capture and integrate live data from all over your organization, tapping into each of your business functions in order to centralize data in one platform. ERPs can integrate human resources, finance, sales, supply chain management, and other departments. As mentioned, these systems can become particularly complex and often require special attention and maintenance to keep them operating at an optimal level or make any required changes.

However, ERPs can come with substantial benefits. Primarily, these systems can help your business cut overall software overhead by centralizing systems. These centralized systems can also vastly improve interdepartmental communications by giving personnel streamlined and efficient processes for accessing and sharing data.

Cloud-Based ERPs

For smaller businesses, cloud-based ERPs present solutions that require less intensive development and training while also requiring relatively modest investments, compared to larger, more complex systems. Platforms like Worketc, Syspro, Workday are just some examples of ERP solutions that can work for smaller businesses. While these platforms do have certain limitations, they can provide more efficient solutions for more targeted needs.

  • Worketc specializes in CRM solutions that can integrate various departments to improve customer service and sales results.
  • Syspro specializes in manufacturing and is capable of integrating with existing computerized maintenance management systems.
  • Workday specializes in human resources and finance solutions, allowing you to effectively and efficiently manage some of your most valuable resources.

Ultimately, while are several different excellent ERP options out there, it’s up to each small business owner to determine if ERPs are right for their business. But, as we’ve discussed in the past, data is only as valuable to your company and its employees as it is easy to access, manipulate, and analyze. Cloud-based ERP systems present alternative solutions for small business owners.

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