Digital marketing is essential for small businesses

Why Every Business Needs a Digital Marketing Strategy

Small business owners would be forgiven for looking at the term Digital Marketing with much consternation and skepticism. In a digital landscape overrun with scams and misused influencers, there are more than a few potholes lurking for an uninitiated marketer. However, the truth is we can explain the main importance of a digital marketing strategy with a timeless marketing concept: you need to go to where your consumers are.

In this article, we’ll look at how digital can bring your brand to the party and how you can use digital to take your brand to the next level.

Taking Your Brand to Your Consumers

Consumers live in the digital world

Digital is key to any brand’s growth because consumers live in digital. According to the Pew Research Center, as of June 2019, 81% of Americans have a smartphone and 72% of them use at least one social media platform, while Statista reports there are 244.5M email users in the US. If brands want to effectively communicate with their consumers, they will need to reach them where they already are by serving ads and other info where consumers want to receive it. Brands simply need to allow consumers to consume content at their own pace in order to maximize the probability that the intended message will be received.

Using Digital Marketing to Eliminate Friction and Increase Efficiency

Taking your brand digital can introduce two game-changing factors to your overall marketing strategy. Digital platforms help you bring convenience to your consumers by eliminating friction. Consumers can learn more about your brand, shop for your products, and troubleshoot any issues from wherever they are without having to factor in additional variables. In addition, digital platforms give you the flexibility to target your message to any given audience, allowing you to build more effective and efficient campaigns versus traditional out-of-home media.

Going Deeper with Your Brand

Lastly, digital platforms allow you to build deeper relationships with your consumers by enabling storytelling, driving engagement, and facilitating interaction. In previous articles, we’ve discussed how good content can help you tell the story of your brand, allow you to develop affinity within your consumers, and deliver excellent customer service.

More Than Just Hype

Ultimately, marketers are most successful when we figure out how to connect consumers with our brands. For small businesses, this means it’s essential to bring their message to where their consumers are, and digital can help you get there.

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