Looking at Alternatives to Tableau

Tableau is a robust data visualization tool that offers a wide range of solutions for businesses of varying scales, allowing enterprises to connect and analyze data from various sources. However, for as powerful and flexible that the tool is, it is equally expensive and difficult to effectively harness.

With that in mind, this week, we’ll take a look at four different Tableau alternatives that offer similar data visualization and analysis tools that are better suited to smaller businesses, meaning users of various experience levels can pick them up and use them.

Zebra BI

Beginning with the simplest platform, Zebra BI works more as an add-on to the Microsoft Office tools you know and love, like Excel, rather than its own stand-alone platform. This tool allows you to access versatile data visualization options within Excel itself without having to export or manipulate data within a separate piece of software.


Another versatile platform, Sisense offers tools that are tailored to small business leaders with varying levels of experience and skill. Thanks to its easy onboarding and user-friendly interface, this platform presents a solid option for users who are relatively new to data analytics.


Similar to Sisense, GoodData provides different solutions for users of different skill levels, thanks to their “Analytics for Everyone” mantra. This suite of tools also provides flexibility for small businesses by empowering users to manage data themselves without third-party assistance. Lastly, this tool is ready to scale, meaning it can grow along with you and your business.


Our last platform, Domo, is perhaps the most complex of the bunch but provides a more user-friendly interface versus Tableau. Thanks to its Analyzer tool, Domo is able to help novice analysts get started by suggesting various kinds of visualizations according to the data that is uploaded into the system. It’s also cloud-based, meaning it offers a whole other world of flexibility for small businesses.

Ultimately, data is only as valuable to a business as that business’s ability to understand and analyze the data. Visualization platforms can represent substantial investments, but the right tool tailored to your business can help you squeeze the most value out of your data.

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