Why You Should Treat Your Marketing Communications like a Precise Recipe

In the culinary world, while cooking is often regarded as an artform, baking is almost always seen through the lens of chemistry. Whereas in cooking you can be free to improvise as you work through a recipe, you must treat baking as a precise science, following detailed recipes with exact measurements and instructions. As in baking, when developing effective marketing communications, whether they are internal or external, you must consider the various ingredients that will come together to create an effective piece.

Ingredients Matter

When creating successful marketing, your ingredients will take the form of numerous design elements that can be combined in various iterations. These elements will range across different communication mediums, from music to video, from text to static imagery. It is key to understand not only the individual elements, like spacing, patterns, and colors but also how those elements react when they are brought together in a piece of creative. Just as you could balance a rich vanilla butter cake with an acidic lemon glaze to create a delicious dessert, you can also combine a static background with dynamic music in a video ad to create a dramatic and compelling vehicle with which to convey your brand message.

In her best-selling cookbook, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, Samin Nosrat preaches the virtues of not just familiarizing oneself with the elements, but also with how those elements play together. However, once you move into the creative development process, in both cooking and the marketing communication process, you must pair this understand with thoughtful consideration of your creative’s purpose. You must determine if your ad’s purpose is to inform, remind, persuade, connect, or some combination of the four purposes.

This determination will inform which design elements you choose and consequently, whether or not your ad successfully communicates your intended message. By creating and following these precise recipes, you can create effective marketing communications.

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