Why You Should Be Looking Under the of Your Campaigns

Marketing and sales funnels both give structure to the overall transactional business process, allowing marketers and sales professionals alike to organize their strategic efforts. They outline each step consumers need to work through in order to get from demand or lead generation to conversion. These funnels can also be used to manage ongoing strategies by providing a framework for inserting and interpreting statistical performance data.

Generic funnel analyses allow campaign managers to look into the engine that is driving their campaigns to determine the health and performance of their strategies, particularly by allowing them to pinpoint trouble spots or key successes.

Finding and Applying Context

Funnel data, like any data, needs context in order to be useful. Marketers must search for comparisons and benchmarks that allow them to understand what raw data actually signifies. By combining funnels into comparative funnel analyses, marketers can view each individual campaign’s data within some degree of context. This allows them to determine which method is performing better or even which individual pieces of a successful campaign can be adapted to optimize a different campaign that may be lagging behind.

A generic marketing funnel
A Generic Marketing Funnel

Knowing where and why your campaign is either succeeding or failing allows you to make targeted adjustments to drive improvements. By pinpointing these triggers, you can make your work progressively more efficient, saving you from costly and ineffective fixes. Finding the primary source of friction can enable you to drive substantial improvement with a relatively modest investment.

The Value of Data

Ultimately, marketers must understand the value of data, which allows them to check their own personal biases at the door with objective data. Rather than relying on surface-level observations to inform your strategy, take the time to dive into the data and find exactly what is making your campaign tick.

However, beyond checking biases, data also allows you to more confidently trust in your own judgment. Let the numbers and analyses inform your gut feelings and guide your instincts. After all, data, and the context it provides, is only as useful as your ability to apply it.

Do not be afraid to get your hands dirty with a little engine grease and data analyses.

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