From Brand Management to Brand Maintenance

 The first rule of branding is that you don’t actually own your brand, your consumers do. We covered this recently and established that brand development and management must be predicated on the perspectives of your target audience. You can’t effectively manage a brand if you don’t understand what your consumers think of you.

With that being said, it’s not often that we as marketers get the opportunity to build a brand from scratch, working through a disciplined development process to create an impactful and influential brand. However, we can still use these processes to successfully maintain and grow the existing brands that we are more likely to work with on a day-to-day basis.

This week, we’ll explore how the Brand Resonance Model can be used to maintain a consumer-focused approach to brand troubleshooting and maintenance.

The Brand Resonance Model

We can use the Brand Resonance Model as a roadmap to understanding just how our brand functions in the real world. Think of it like the way fuel passes through a car’s engine to get the entire vehicle moving. Picture the gas beginning in a fuel tank, mixing with air to create combustion to move the pistons, turning the transmission through to the driveshaft and eventually spinning the wheels to get you going down the street.

  • Salience: We begin with establishing awareness of the brand, who you are at the most basic level.
  • Performance & Imagery: Once we establish who we are, we move to what we are, including both what our product is and how it performs, as well as what our brand looks like, our logo, color palette, and so on.
  • Judgment & Feelings: Next, our consumers must evaluate our product and interpret our brand. How well do they think we perform and what kinds of feelings does our brand inspire?
  • Resonance: Lastly, if we’ve achieved positive results in the preceding steps, we establish loyalty with consumers who believe who we are, like what we do, and appreciate what our brand says about them.
The Brand Resonance Model

Applying the BRM to Your Brand

Like a leaf flowing down a river, we need to evaluate how our consumers flow through all of our brand’s touchpoints and down the Brand Resonance Model. In a straightforward sense, when we evaluate our own branding strategy to identify weaknesses, we are looking for where our strategy is leaking.

We need to look at where our consumer’s journey is disrupted. Perhaps we have a quality product and brand strategy, but we simply haven’t reached critical mass with our awareness. Maybe we’ve achieved strong awareness and we have a solid product, but our target consumers simply don’t identify with our brand.

By focusing on the consumer journey, we can identify exactly where we need to optimize our branding strategies to deliver exactly what our consumers want and need.

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